Shark swims under diver to photobomb moray eel video

WildCreaturesPublished: April 19, 2017Updated: April 20, 2017892 plays$3.70 earned
Published: April 19, 2017Updated: April 20, 2017

Moray Eels sticking out of their lair in broad daylight are an interesting sight for divers and one worth video taping. This diver was doing just that when a very curious shark squeezed between him and the coral to get a look at what was happening. The shark circles back and heads straight for the camera to have a sniff and a nibble before he cruises past another diver. Nurse sharks are gentle creatures that will often follow divers and swim among them for an entire dive. Possibly hoping for food, or simply curious and friendly, they are like the lost puppy dogs of the deep.

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