Over 17,000 Frontline Doctors have put everything on the line and need YOUR Help now

10 months ago

UPDATE: The Ohio Medical Board suspends Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's license without due process...

UPDATE: Dr. James Thorp Fired Over Covid TRUTH...

Over 17,000 Frontline Doctors, Congressmen & Senators have put everything on the line: their Jobs, Reputations, Family and yes, even their LIVES to bring out the Truth about Vaccines. Now they need you to share this video, so that they can bring "The Reckoning" to Fauci, CIA, WHO, NIH, CDC, FDA, WEF & the corrupt Media & Governments around the world.

Physicians and members of Congress gather at the Supreme Court of the United States with over 100,000 petition signatures to call for an investigation into Fauci's misdealings & corruption.

00:00:00 - Dr. Robert Malone quotes...

- DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is CIA
- DARPA is what pushed out these genetic vaccines.
- The CIA is absolutely behind the advancement of these genetic vaccines
- We've had a Depopulation agenda in the US since the 1970's
- The whole storyline about depopulation is real
- There has been an established US policy that we will cap together with the WHO, UN, Bill & Millinda Gates Foundation and all the structures we're all familiar with, that we will cap the global population at 8 Billion and it's been the target since the mid 1970's...

* The current population of World in 2023 is 8,045,311,447

- Population Control was originally formulated by Henry Kissinger (mentor of Klauss Schwab)
- This population agenda has absolutely been advanced by the WEF (World Economic Forum) which was created by the CIA
- Who are the puppet masters behind all of this? A lot of this comes from US funding, Policy and Actions such as to advance technology for Biowarfare
- SARS-CoV-2 is relatively selective for certain ethnic groups and that is a Scientific Fact. This is the state of technology
- The Corona Virus is one of the leading candidates for development of a BioWarfare agent
- Just because I conceived this technology, I'm not responsible for the military weaponization and deployment
- The planning had already been done on this (Event 201); we get compliance in the population largely through the deployment of fear
- The mRNA technology that was advanced was rushed. The DNA contamination is not suppose to be there and they never got rid of it and should negate the use of these products in humans
- A lot of information coming out from www.HowBadIsMyBatch.com and we've been prevented from doing lot release analysis
- These products for not meet the criteria of vaccines; they do NOT provide protection against infection, disease, spread, hospitalization and death
- For the hyper-inoculated individuals, they actually exacerbate the risks of individuals developing disease or death because they damage the immune system
- The Spike Protein is a Toxin. It triggers coagulopathies. It has many different adverse events. It's neurotoxic
- I assert this is a manufactured crisis

00:16:46 - The Highwire quotes...

- Deaths among people aged 18 to 49 increased more than 40 percent in the 12 months ending October 2021 compared to the same period in 2018-2019
- 40% is an astronomical number

00:18:10 - The Stew Peters Show quotes...

Stew Peters:
- In Britain 2022, there were 57,000 fewer births. What are you seeing in your practice?
Dr. James Thorp:
- Devastation, Severe Reduction in Birth Rates. I never seen such devastation and carnage in my life.
Stew Peters:
- I literally beg people not to take it.
- Dr. James Thorp:
- The science is in, These shots are killing us. It needs to stop NOW!

00:23:23 - FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) quotes...

Dr. Pierre Kory:
- The entire US population as well as the world has to understand, they can no longer take these Covid vaccines
- They are Toxic, Lethal and Ineffective and they have completely failed
Dr. Ryan Cole:
- Does it damage the brain? You bet it does. Does it damage the Heart? Yes. The Liver? Yes. The bone marrow. Yes.
- It causes all sorts of harm in the human body. We should have stopped this before it ever started
Dr. James Thorp:
- It's misinformation from the CDC, the FDA, American board of obstetrics and gynecology, American college of obgyn and the society of maternal fetal medicine that is causing a lot of death and injury and it's go to stop NOW!
- The first and most important thing, don't take any more vaccines, don't take anymore boosters
Dr. Peter McCullough:
- The vaccines should be pulled off the market. This follows a call from the World Council for Health on June 11th of 2022 to pull off all the vaccines off the market. We need criminal investigations in every state where the vaccines were advanced and that includes every state in the United States.
- Just on the heart damage, 742 papers in the peer reviewed literature that the vaccines cause heart damage and it's fatal by autopsy. That's supported by a recent autopsy paper that found 71% of people dying, found dead at home within 20 days of the vaccine. It's due to the vaccine in the majority of cases.

00:26:55 - The Stew Peters Show quotes...

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:
- The Tsunami of Death has arrived. Over 180 doctors across Canada have died in the last year and a half.
Stew Peters:
- Now we have 96 children in Canada as part of the excess deaths
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:
- The 3rd category of illness is massive autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease can take 6, 8, 10 months. The next 10 years of massive autoimmune disease is going to be unlike anything we've ever seen.
- We're making an antibody to the spike protein that then attacks our organ system so that takes a while between attacking the lungs, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, your joints, your immune system, your blood, so all this cascade of dying is going to go on for the next 10 years or so.
- Our own government has created "Democide" (The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder).
- The last time I looked at these numbers was probably in October 2022, there was a report that came out saying 20 Million had died from these shots and 2.1 Billion people had been seriously injured by the shots. How much greater are those numbers now?

00:31:09 - The Highwire quotes...

Del Bigtree:
- The sky is falling on the liars of the world right now.
- This will go down as one of the greatest scientific catastrophes in the history of mankind and it will certainly destroy the credibility of the CDC, the FDA, the NIH

00:33:20 - Propaganda Exposed (Uncensored)...

Prime Minister Trudeau:
- this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a Reset
Ty Bollinger:
- The Great Reset is about track and trace
Charlene Bollinger:
- China, where the government is already monitoring everyone all the time, and everywhere 24/7
Ty Bollinger:
- The Great Reset includes stripping all people of their privately owned assets. This isn't a conspiracy. They openly admit it.
Charlene Bollinger:
- On the WEF website in their video titled "8 Predictions for the World in 2030" they tell us openly what their plan is for Governments and the super rich to own everything.
Klauss Schwab:
- The Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact our lives completely. It will change actually us, our own identity.
- This revolution will come at a breakneck speed. It will be like a Tsunami.
- The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to the fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.
Ty Bollinger:
- Joe Biden September, 12/2022 executive order declares that Americans must surrender all their human rights that stand in the way of Tran humanism
- Clinical trials, safety standards and informed consent will be eradicated as they stand in the way of universally unleashing gene editing technologies that are needed to merge humans with artificial intelligence. That is their plan.
- Klauss Schwab the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), actually wrote a book called Covid-19 and the Great Reset
Joe Biden:
- Now is time things are shifting, there's going to be a New World Order
George Bush Sr:
- We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations, a New World Order
Ty Bollinger:
- Part of the plan to create a New World Order, revolves around mandatory vaccinations, tracking and tracing.
Dr. Carrie Madej:
- The people that are behind these injections, also belong to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos the G20.
- They're introducing brand new technology to the human race, never before unveiled and this includes Nano technology, artificial intelligence into the human body as well as genetic modification.
- I examined all 3 manufacture vials under the microscope. I know the chain of custody with the vials and what I saw under the microscope was horrifying.
- If you refuse to comply, will you be able to get a passport? what about a driver's license? a baseball game? travel on a bus or train or fly on a airplane? what about shopping or going to the hospital in case of an emergency?
Ty Bollinger:
- A recent UK government report confirmed that the fully vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid deaths in England.
Mike Adams:
- We now know that the vaccines have failed those that took them. Their immune system have been destroyed by the vaccine.
- What's really alarming by the long-term effects of the vaccine is how it causes people to grow cancer tumors. It disables the anti-cancer mechanism of the immune system.
- The spike protein enters the nucleus of a cell and it disables the chromosomal repair mechanism.
- After you've taken the vaccine, there's about a 90% suppression of your DNS repair so you can get cancer by just being exposed to sunlight or Mammography.
- We will see millions of cancer deaths in the next decade in America. Cancer will be blamed for the deaths that are actually caused by the vaccines
Ty Bollinger:
- One of the most bizarre aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, was the fact that doctors were told NOT to treat patients in the early stages
Dr. Peter McCullough:
- The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission hit every single manufacturer of any nasal product and said don't you dare to try and promote this for Covid. Don't you dare even do research on Covid
- Anything that works for Covid-19, there was a strict, forceful government response to abolish it. It started with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, virucidal nasal spray. All of them worked.
- The use of Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercitin, over the counter Famotidine. There is literature to support all of this.
- People are dying of blood clots. You know Aspirin wasn't even mentioned or other blood thinners
- It was clear from the beginning, Covid-19 the illness, was all about getting the vaccine, a needle in every arm.
Charlene Bollinger:
- Pfizer knew about 1200+ deaths but they buried the data
Ty Bollinger:
- Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla's tweeted "Covid-19 vaccine was 100% effective"
- Despite being vaccinated and boosted, 4 doses in total, he's tested positive for Covid. This is the 2nd time this year that he's tested positive.
- The quadruple vaxxed and boosted Joe Biden who also tested positive twice this year (2022). So did his wife, triple vaccinated Jill Biden
- When we searched "Died Suddenly" 2022, we get 1.7 Billion results
Charlene Bollinger:
- Something is happening globally that is causing the deaths of millions of people, including over 800 professional athletes who were in peak physical condition
Dr. Peter McCullough:
- What causes a fatal blood clot in a young fit man? I can tell you, Covid-19 vaccine would.
- Heart damage is permanent, it's never mild, it doesn't go away and the MRIs are lighting up light like Christmas trees
- With Myocarditis we never exercise because the surge of adrenaline will trigger a cardiac arrest
- I'm telling you, the vaccines can and are lethal in young people because the spike protein causes Myocarditis.
- In the province of Alberta recently, they just announced that the leading cause of death was "UNKNOWN".
Ty Bollinger:
- Doctor Ute Kruger is sounding the alarm over the link between Covid-19 vaccines and fast growing cancer. She has studied 8000 autopsies and she is now convinced that the vaccines against Covid-19 are triggering fast growing cancers.
Charlene Bollinger:
- Official U.S. data confirms the risk of developing cancer following the Covid-19 vaccination, increases by a "SHOCKING 143,233 percent".
- In the words of former CIA William J. Casey: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false".
- Why is Biden pushing the Covid-19 vaccines on adolescents, when we've seen hundreds of case of adolescents having heart attacks? Dying from conditions like Myocarditis.
Ty Bollinger:
- Why did the CDC tell us that the mRNA didn't travel to other parts of the body? That it was localized at the injection point and it remained there, when they knew it was a lie, based on tests that they conducted on animals.
Charlene Bollinger:
- They knew that the mRNA would be travelling all over the body, but they buried the data. This is one of the reasons were seeing Myocarditis in children.
- We're suppose to be stupid enough to believe Myocarditis in kids is just normal.
- In October 2022, the ACEP Committee of the Child Death Cult (CDC) also known as the CDC voted unanimously 15 to 0 to add the Covid clotshot to the childhood vaccine schedule. You've just added a vaccine to the childhood schedule that has been shown to cause Death, Myocarditis and huge increases in cancers and dozens of adverse events. You did so despite the CDC's own data that babies, toddlers and children are at zero risk from dying from Covid. You did so without any scientific evidence.
- Recently scientists at Boston University created a Covid strain that has the potential to kill as many as 80% of those exposed. Shouldn't this type of Gain-of-Function research be forbidden?
- The confidential Pfizer documents that the FDA has been forced to publish by court order, reveals that at least 82% of women who were exposed to the mRNA Covid injections, either suffered a Miscarriage, Spontaneous Abortion, Intrauterine Death, Premature Baby Death or Neonatal Death.
Ty Bollinger:
- The cover-up of the study by both Pfizer and the medicine regulators around the world, led to over 4,800 fetal deaths in the U.S reported to VAERS through September 2022.
Charlene Bollinger:
- Based on the Harvard Lazerrus study, fewer than 1 percent of adverse events are actually reported to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database.
Ty Bollinger:
- 94 percent of the people showed irregularities in their blood, specifically with the shaped of the red blood cells after the Covid jab. This is not normal.
- Over the past 18 months, mysterious fibrous blood clots are being found during autopsies of thousands of people who are vaccinated for Covid and then they die.
- Some Embalmers like Richard Hirschman, are telling us that these fibrous blood clots are being found in 50 to 70 percent of the recently deceased
Charlene Bollinger:
- Cities across the country fired Teachers, Firefighters, Healthcare Staffers, Police Officers, Sanitation Workers and so many others because they refused to get vaccinated.

01:20:30 - Until Proven Otherwise - Two of the Top Cardiologists in the World...

Dr. Peter McCullough:
- Doctors drank the Kool-Aid. About 96 percent of Doctors took these vaccines right away. Without asking any questions. Without any critical thinking.
Dr. Aseem Malhotra:
- It is my duty and responsibility as a consultant Cardiologist and Public Health Campaigner, to urgently inform Doctors, Patients and members of the public, that the Covid mRNA vaccine has likely played a significant role, of being a primary cause of unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure, since 2021, until proven otherwise.
Dr. Peter McCullough:
- 200 papers showing that Myocarditis causes heart damage and a scar and the scar becomes the bases for cardiac arrhythmia and then the arrhythmia is responsible for the sudden deaths that were seeing and were seeing sudden death on a massive scale in younger people. It's my view, that it's the Covid-19 vaccine until proven otherwise.
- The Covid-19 vaccines, actually all of them, cause Myocarditis or heart inflammation and it's FATAL.

01:24:30 - Who Are the Puppet Masters that Control the World?

01:47:32 - WHO is Bill Gates...

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