Emotional Parrot Siblings Give Love And Share Kisses

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAdorable footage has emerged of emotional parrot siblings Fabio and Gabriel. These two sure enjoy giving morning kisses. Moreover, Gabriel loves it when his owner gives him kisses on the head. Check out the cuteness here!

All human beings are different, each one has something unique and special that characterizes them, that is the hallmark that marks the difference of each individual. Annie is a young woman who, from an early age, had a special fixation with animals that could fly, she always dreamed of having a feathery animal. But her parents were dog lovers and unfortunately Annie had to accept that one day not too far away she would have her own home where she could raise and adore her future birds.

Fifteen years later, Fabio and Gabriel arrived. Two beautiful parrots with a personality as peculiar as the color of their feathers, their owner adores them to madness, since she is nothing more and nothing less than the club president "crazy about feathers", a club founded for anyone who is a bird lover and wants to care for, protect and adore these animals with two legs and wings.

Annie is proud of her parrots, Fabio has feathers with shades of apple green, while Gabriel has them in a beautiful sky blue. Both are brothers, they have been raised with the immense love that their owner Annie instilled in them as pigeons. That's not all, because these brothers live a life of pure luxury! They are the sensation in all the social networks, this is because they have a mega house with a trapeze and a host of accessories that are the envy of any winged animal.

You are right! There is no doubt that Fabio and Gabriel have everyone captivated with their extreme tenderness. Every day before going to work, Annie is dedicated to spending time with her "pichoncitos" as she affectionately calls them. These brothers show their love by kissing each other on the forehead, but wait! There is more, Fabio and Gabriel learned to say I love you thanks to their owner and do not hesitate a second to show their brotherly love between them and especially towards, Annie repeating it every day and yes, demanding her morning kiss.

However, the Lorito brothers not only captivate their viewers with their show of affection, but like every living being, both have completely opposite and eccentric personalities. Fabio is the rude brother, jealous but the softest, while Gabriel is the opposite, he is sweet, tender and loves to be pampered by his mistress, which causes his brother to feel jealous and want to be a part of the cuddles from his mom Annie.

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying your winged life resting in the best replica of the jungle that these two parrots have at home, what more could you ask for? A wonderful home, a loving owner of her kind and a brother who is the copy of the Grinch that almost ruins the Christmas in Villa Who! Kidding, these little ones would give their left wing to be together and continue sharing days full of adventure and fun next to their beloved and sweet Annie.

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