6 years ago

9-Week-Old Baby Loves When Her Deaf Grandma Signs To Her

Shari Joy McMahon shares this video with us of her mother Pamela with Shari’s 9-week-old baby daughter Aria sharing a precious moment. Both Pamela and Aria are born deaf, so Grandma is trying to teach the baby girl sign language. All of Pamela’s grandchildren are born deaf, so this comes as second nature to her. Even though baby Aria is still way to young to understand, she seems to be catching up to Grandma’s gestures pretty easily. Watch how she reacts with her amazed facial expressions.

Baby Aria even tried to sign something back to Pamela with those tiny fingers, which got Grandma even more excited! Having someone to teach her sign language from early on can be a life saver for the baby, since she will be able to communicate what she wants from early on. As long as she has Grandma’s support, little Aria will have no problems learning her gestures in no time! Aria is a very smart girl, it is impressive to see she is catching on so quickly, awesome! Pamela and Aria already share a special connection, so cute! Such a special bond they have!

Check out this precious video of Grandma Pamela and baby Aria bonding!

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