Angry Snake Goes Full Kung Fu On Unsuspecting Motorcyclist

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Published: April 17, 2017

A curious footage has emerged of a long serpent sparking panic after slithering into the middle of the road obstructing the path for incoming motorcyclist. Watch the tense moment when the unsuspecting motorcyclist has a close encounter with a hostile snake, avoiding the snake-attack while managing to keep balance on the bike. The brave man continued his ride as if nothing had happened. Talk about bravery and nonchalant behavior!

In this clip, filmed on April 16, 2017 in Lampang, Thailand, a wild snake crossing the road almost bit a motorcyclist. Watch as two motorcyclists are casually strolling down the empty road, enjoying in the picturesque landscape when a <a href="" target="_blank">wild snake</a> appears out of nowhere and goes full kung-fun on the motorcyclist driving up front!

The ignorant man was peacefully driving his bike down the road when he happened to cross paths with a long snake crossing the road in front of him. The moment the snake saw the <a href="" target="_blank">oncoming motorcyclist</a> it decided to go attack mode by curiously jumping on him out of nowhere! Creepy right!

Fortunately, the cool man didn’t lost his mind and was quick to act, so he managed to avoid the serpent attack while well-balancing his weight on the bike. Interestingly, he continued riding down the road as if nothing has happened! How crazy is that! Which bravery do you prefer better, the one of the suicide snake or that of the nonchalant motorcyclist! Let us know in the comments below!

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    So calmly, just keeps going

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    So fortunate a camera was following!?

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