Tiny Chick Hatches From Its Egg: CUTE AS FLUFF

Published April 14, 2017 2,688 Views

Rumble A hatching chick emerges from its shell in an egg-straordinary display of new life. Multimedia artist and photographer, Mindia Midelashvili, documented a newborn chick from the first crack in the shell, to fluffing up its feathers. The NYC based photographer went to his uncle’s country house and waited for the chick to make its big break. Over a period of 50 minutes, the chick uses its egg tooth to make the first chip in the shell, and then enlarges the hole, gradually turning round to create an opening. The tiny bird then emerges with wet feathers, eventually drying off - cheeping the entire time.

Videographer / director: Mindia Midelashvili
Producer: Shannon Lane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas