Rescuing new 113 confiscated pangolins!

Published April 13, 2017 4,498 Plays

Rumble It is so sad to see what these 113 Pangolins went through. As many as 118 Pangolins were transported from Laos's border to northern Vietnam. The amount of suffering they have gone through is ridiculous. Each and every one of them was stuffed in tire bags and they had no access to food or water. Luckily SVW was there to save them right away. They were carefully removed from the suffocating tire bags and were put into wooden boxes where they were then immediately sent to safety. Not all of them survived as they were forced by traders.

If you are interested in pangolins, check out this book to learn a lot more about these amazing animals.

There are now 139 pangolins that are currently being kept at SVW. They need lots of human resources and 35kg of food everyday.
$10: will help us buy a kg of food to feed our pangolins. Please support SVW to take care and return these pangolins back into the wild:



  • bohuggabee, 2 years ago

    35 KG OF food?! you have to be kidding. there is no way. they don't move quickly…they are small. maybe 3.5 kg of food. typo?

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    • Equinefine, 2 years ago

      Probably is a typo. The little bit of info that is here and on the other video are full of mis spellings. Not very professional.

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  • Equinefine, 2 years ago

    Can you imagine how scared they are? And I don't see very many moving. Effing people. They think money is more important than life! I wish they would punish those who captured them by letting the punishment fit the crime! Put them in nets and tie them tight and see how they like it. With no food or water for days if at all!

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