Hundreds of pangolins were confiscated and now rescued by Save Vietnam's Wildlife.

savevietnamswildlifePublished: April 13, 2017Updated: April 14, 2017316,639 viewsVirality: 44%
Published: April 13, 2017Updated: April 14, 2017

Hundreds of pangolins were confiscated and now rescued by Save Vietnam's Wildlife.

Animal cruelty at its finest in this video. You can see hundreds of pangolins tied up in some kind of green net.
Good thing the rescuers got there in time to rescue them or who knows what would have happened with these poor animals.

Some times all you need is good and kind people to do something incredibly nice like this and make the world a better place.

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      bohuggabee · 2 weeks ago

      save the sandslash!

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        bohuggabee · 2 weeks ago


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      Lokilok · 2 weeks ago

      Those poor babies... :( So glad they were rescued.

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      Equinefine · 2 weeks ago

      Effing people. Put the people in tightly wrapped nets and see how they like it!!! Thank God they were found and rescued. But you know it will happen again and again!

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        valentina · 2 weeks ago

        What is with Asian superstition? Rhino horns, tiger bones, pangolin scales? For an "intelligent" culture they sure do some ignorant stuff. <smh> Thank goodness there is a group there to advocate for the wildlife.

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      hootbah · 2 days ago

      Sure wish we could see something, or understand what is being done here!