Curious Cows Become Dog’s Shadow And Follow Him Everywhere He Goes

Published April 13, 2017 174,376 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA curious video has emerged of a herd of cows following a family dog. Apparently, these cows always follow the sixteen-year-old chocolate Labrador around the field during walks. Jake, the dog, is never phased by the herd following him because he is such a gentle old boy!

Whenever Tom Dyer and his 16-year-old chocolate lab take walks in the field near their home, a small herd of curious dairy cows follow the gentle old dog wherever he goes. Cows seem to be worshiping the canine, as they see him as their born leader! It is funny how a family dog became the shepherd of a group of cows. Now, every time Jake goes for a walk with his owner Tom, the herd of dairy cows joins in and follows them around. Amazing!

Have you have had trouble herding those mooing heifers across the pasture? Did your cows need a little enrichment, or maybe you just need a little entertainment to spice things up on the farm. Introduce your dog to the team and let it follow the lead!

It is amazing how this herd of cows seem to be enchanted by the presence of a dog on their pasture. The curious-looking tiny creature seems to be very interesting for the cattle. Jake may not be a Shepherd dog, but he sure knows how to guide the herd around!

This is one very unusual friendship, but somehow these cows seem to be emotionally attached to their pooch leader! Adorable!

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