Ammon Bundy Arrested at a Football Banquet -August 11, 2023

11 months ago

The 'establishment' in Idaho does this all for show. They could have just as easily arrested Bundy at his house. But no -- they do it in front of his friends .. and yes .. at a banquet for his son's football team. They arrest him at a place that will generate the most intimidation to those who know Bundy -- and to intimidate dozens of impressionable teens in attendance. They want to drive home the emotional imprint that Bundy is a bad person and nobody should do what he does:

• You don’t run for Governor and put out ads that shine a light on all the lies made by the WEF PUPPET .. er .. rather ... sitting governor.
• You don’t go to the hospital to prevent the grandson of your media manager from getting sucked into the Child Protective Service / Foster Care system, which, according to USA Today, sees 55 children go missing EVERY DAY.
• You don’t make the Lt. Governor’s favorite legal team look bad by not playing their game in court.

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