Skateboarder Hangs On Moving Car But Fails And Scrapes The Ground Hard

TheBestFailsPublished: April 12, 2017Updated: May 11, 20181,435 views
Published: April 12, 2017Updated: May 11, 2018

There is a reason why they say that you need to think about safety first. You can’t just jump into crazy situations then think about how much better it would have been if you thought about your own safety beforehand. It’s okay, we’ve all done our fair share of ill-judged moments, but it is important to learn from them and never ever to them again.

This daredevil sure wished he wore protective gear before grabbing onto the side of that car. Shareyer is recorded on his skateboard hanging onto the side of an old beige coupe. He loses grip on his skateboard and falls forward, getting dragged by the car for a brief second before letting go and sliding about 10 feet on the ground of the parking lot.

The next frame you can see him in pain with close ups of his injuries. He is still in disbelief about what happened. His injuries included some severe scrapes, some so deep he couldn't even feel yet. He shredded his right hand and elbow, his left knee and even his T-shirt on his chest. Thankfully, there’s no blood peeking out of there. One thing is for sure, those gashes are going to leave some nasty scars.

Skateboarding is more dangerous than it might appear, especially when you’re trying to do stunts like this one, that is why elbow and knee pads and a helmet with a chin pad are a must.

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