Picasso Triggerfish is like a Bull in a China Shop

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: April 12, 2017Updated: April 13, 20178 views
Published: April 12, 2017Updated: April 13, 2017

While vacationing on Maui,Hawaii, the cameraman visited Makena Beach State Park on Maui's southwestern shores. This is one of the largest beaches in Maui.
Snorkeling in the shallows allowed the cameraman to take in some turtles relaxing below some small overhangs on coral formations as well as one swimming very close to shore.
He also grabbed some great footage of a Picasso triggerfish scouring the bottom for lunch.
The Picasso Triggerfish was named after the famous Spanish painter for its beautiful colors. The Picasso triggerfish is also a great home aquarium fish, but can sometimes be the Bull in the China Shop. As they roam around, they may knock over live rock or other ornaments in the tank.
They are beautiful to see in the wide open ocean, incredible to watch moving rocks and coral.
This is a gorgeous location as you can see. Enjoy

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