Triple Lawnmower Go-Kart Hack - MacScienceGuy Episode 5 - Macgyver- Make Science Fun

jacobmakesciencefunPublished: April 12, 201713 views
Published: April 12, 2017

MacScienceGuy Episode 5 - Triple Lawnmower Go-Kart Hack - Make Science Fun

I hope you’re enjoying my series MacScienceGuy!

It’s obviously based on the awesome television series Macgyver starring Richard Dean Anderson.

In Episode 5 – MacScienceGuy is mowing the lawn, when Samuel drives by in his electric go-kart. This gives MAcScienceGuy a brilliant idea!
He finds three old lawnmowers and combines them together in a rig. He then attaches the rig to the go-kart so that Sam can mow the lawn. Awesome!

I will be releasing a new episode MacScienceGuy episode every Friday for the next few weeks
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