Justin Trudeau's Wife Left Him Because His Pedophilia Is About To Be Exposed

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11 months ago

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What do Bill Gates and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have in common? They both have a habit of laughing in the least appropriate moments. They were both raised by powerful far-left fathers who initiated them into the global elite. And both of their wives left them because they are elite pedophiles.

Melinda Gates was unequivocal about why she left Bill Gates. According to Melinda, it was Bill’s close relationship with the convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Melinda said, either he goes, or I go, and Bill chose the guy with the private jet and island full of underage sex slaves.

Now we have the case of Trudeau’s wife Sophie abandoning the sinking ship before Justin’s huge pedophilia scandal blows up in their faces.

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