RI Republican Conservative Caucus Held A Breakfast Event Of Rhode Island Family Institute: A Porn Proof Family

11 months ago

The Rhode Island Republican Conservative Caucus (RIRCC) recently held a breakfast gathering in the RI GOP HQs meeting hall on August 5th, 2023.

Pat Trafford, Chairwoman for the RIRCC, kicked off the meeting with a Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of Pastor David Aucoin, President of the Rhode Island Family Institute.

The theme for the forum was the Porn Proof Family and three speakers were on hand to discuss the adverse effects of pornography and the challenges in today’s society that seems to have strayed from a solid family foundation with a dad and mom present.

Three speakers, Pastor David Aucoin, parents advocate Bob Chiaradio and Dr. Michelle Cretella presented some rather startling fact based evidence on how far portions of society have left the nuclear family in favor of self gratification and permissive nature in relationship to porn and promiscuity.

All three gave a formula for correcting the destructive course heading for mankind. The answer? A strong dad in the family unit, observance of the Lord and Faith with the promise of holding marriages in a cherished honor and commitment to each other.

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