Little Girl Bowling With All Her Might!

Published April 11, 2017 2,798 Plays

Rumble This is how you bowl! A little girl gets some bad bowling advice from her mother and the result is pretty hilarious.

See, when you go to a bowling alley, they give you special shoes. Why are they special, you ask? Well, other than to prevent you from damaging the floor with the shoes you came in with, they have a special sole that ultimately prevents you from slipping on the oiled parquet and knocking the pins with your head, rather than with the ball!

This girl’s mom, however, seems to have forgotten about that fact. No worries, they are in the comfort of their own home, so it should be no big deal. So the girl shoots first with the Wii controller and knocks all but six or seven pins. She doesn’t look all too contempt with the result, so mom encourages her to give it another shot.
“Kick it super high this time, I’m sure it will make you bowl better” says Mom and you gotta believe her; after all, Mom knows best. So the girl swings her hand with the controller in it with all her might and is sent flying in the air, before slamming on the floor. Ouch.