Super Dad Gets His Triplets And Toddler Ready For Bed

DanGibsonPublished: April 10, 20177,189 views
Published: April 10, 2017

A while ago, one busy mom of four young kids showed a video of her getting all of her kids ready for bed. Corrie Whyte had no clue that the endeavor which took a total of 10 minutes to get two-year-old toddler Emily and baby triplets Jackson, Levy and Olivia ready for <a href="" target="_blank">bed time</a>, would go viral in a whirlwind fashion. And they are all so squirmy!

Today, it was time for dad Dan Gibson to take on the same challenge. The kids are barely a week older than the previous video, which means they are by no means less squirmy then they were with mom. Will he prevail over his wife’s ability, or will he fail miserably for the sake of entertainment?

Turns out, Dan’s taking on the task to dress up the for tots can give Corrie a run for her money! If her skills and patience were impressive, then Dan’s are awe inspiring!

Watch the dad try to keep all four of his kids on the bed, while scrambling to get their onesies on. But when they’re all ready for bed, Dad strikes a celebratory pose, and for more than one reason. As it turns out, he not only got all of his children <a href="" target="_blank">ready for bed</a> in no time, but he also beat his wife’s time by a full 12 seconds! Bravo!

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