BBN, Aug 11, 2023 - Bioweapons whistleblower Karen Kingston says she's being hunted...

3 months ago

Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 11, 2023 - Bioweapons whistleblower Karen Kingston says she's being hunted by the CIA for ASSASSINATION

0:00 Karen Kingston
43:27 Other News
59:24 Interview with Dick Russell

- Karen Kingston says she's being hunted by the CIA after speaking out about vaccine bioweapons
- We are urging Karen to get out of Mexico because it's too dangerous there
- It's much safer to go off grid into safe house environments in the USA
- The DoD and CIA are not legally allowed to operate inside the USA, but they DO operate in Mexico
- Remember, #COVID started as a DoD bioweapon that was later ENHANCED in Wuhan, China
- Food sabotage continues worldwide as grain elevators in France are set on fire
- Global #famine is the goal, along with global #depopulation via #bioweapons
- Full Interview with Dick Russell, author of several books on the #JFK assassination
- JFK was taken out because he opposed global WAR, which is the money machine for the military industrial complex
- America has been "captured" by the #deepstate ever since

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