Karen Kingston's told she's ๐Ÿ˜ข "DEAD WOMAN WALKING" For REVEALING Pfizer Has NO Immunity

11 months ago

Karen calls on MIKE ADAMS, MIKI WILLIS, STEVE KIRSH to "talk to Dr Robert Malone and have him call off the CIA - he is friends with them."

"And I'd like to know WHO told the CIA to kill me?"

"To those who support me, I love you. [crying ] And PLEASE DO SOMETHING, I gave you all the evidence, it's in my substack to actually stop this attack on America & humanity. [ https://karenkingston.substack.com/ ] I just ask that you take action - our lives depend on it, our children's lives depend on it & humanity does too.


"I want you guys to know, I'm very healthy, I'm a great swimmer, and I'm NOT suicidal! I'm here fighting for you & for the future of humanity. So everyone who supports me, thank you so much.I really do appreicate it. And I'm a little teary-eyed beacuse I'm exhausted.I'm absolutely exhausted from trying to stay alive.I'm sorry for the distress I've caused. Please go to my substack & get those documents, please do this. Please take action now." Access Karen's letter here: https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/the-intelligent-and-brave-have-been
FOUND VIDEO AT Son Of Enos: https://rumble.com/v36dskj-karen-kingstons-been-marked-for-death-for-outing-dr-malone-and-revealing-pf.html


'Kingston is claiming that her life is in danger because she's outed Dr. Robert Malone as a double agent who has infiltrated the resistance movement, revealed some pertinent information, yet in 5th generation warfare style demoralizes by claiming Pfizer has immunity, and there's nothing we can do about that.

Kingston is also claiming that her work revealing how Sheriffs could seize the bioweapon and bring this nightmare to an end has made her a threat that must be eliminated. Here's the link to the letter she's talking about https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/unlocked-the-intelligent-and-brave

She's claiming that RFK jr and Children's Health Defense might be compromised, but giving him the benefit of the doubt as he may be just getting bad advice from Dr. Malone. She's asking RFK jr to come to his senses and recognize that he's being played.

If a Kingston has been marked for death, then sharing this video could save her life. This is not a game, there are consequences faced by truthers who can't be corrupted. The movement most certainly has been infiltrated, and this is why I'm a lone wolf and work alone despite many offers to team up. I know I'm a target, so I trust no-one but God Almighty

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