myTake| GoerTek Socket Extender LED Night Light |review

ZhemJZ Published April 7, 2017 0 Plays

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This is not a bad product at all. It's plastic, but it's built well. I love the little shelf for my phone on top - that's actually the best feature of this product!

This will cover both your wall sockets, but in return you are getting four outlets (with ground plugs) and 2 USB ports. The "A" USB port is max 2.1 amp, while the "B" port is max 1.0. Basically, that means A will charge faster/provide more power and probably work with more of your Apple devices (that require a little more power, if my understanding is correct) than the B port. Neither port are "fast charging" ports, which would have easily bumped this to 5 stars.

The nightlight on the front is a great touch and good use of space. The light is really warm - so very yellow. This is good for a nightlight because it won't fry your eyes in the middle of the night. However, you may be surprised at how yellow the light really is. The light isn't motion sensing, but there is a sensor on the bottom of the unit to sense when it's light/dark in the room. If the night light button is on, the light will come on when it's dark. I don't mind the button and I'm glad there is an option to turn it on/off, but I would have preferred a motion sensor light with the ability to turn that on/off instead. That isn't a huge knock against the product, I just was expecting a motion light when I read "sensor night light" and it isn't.