Professional Bellyflop

TheBestFailsPublished: April 7, 2017Updated: April 11, 2017698 views
Published: April 7, 2017Updated: April 11, 2017

Summer is finally here and we all know what that means! Copious amounts of sun, sun scream, bathing suits and days spent by the pool side, where those who are not well versed in the sports of diving make the most painful and most viral of fouls – the belly flop!

The sport of high diving has a pretty steep learning curve, and it's painful too...Jerry here has taken belly flopping to a whole new level. He perches on the board with high confidence and he begins his prep. He jumps and plunges for the water with effortless grace, aiming what looks like five somersaults, but in the end we witness that Jerry has overestimated both himself and the height of the board!

If you are one of those people who get disturbed easily, please, do not watch this clip! Poor, overly-confident Jerry hits the water in full width, smacking the surface like he was the board he just jumped from. The sound that the contact made is enough to make us sick to our stomachs, so we can only imagine what was going on in Jerry's intestines!

Take this footage as an educational video – ALWAYS measure twice, cut once! And for the sake of your health, please be sure you know what you are doing and the camera is rolling, because then you can upload that video to!

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