The Only Guy Not Having Fun On The French Riviera

TheBestFailsPublished: April 7, 2017Updated: April 10, 2017247 views
Published: April 7, 2017Updated: April 10, 2017

You know those days when nothing seems to go your way? Well, the same thing happened to this man who is definitely having a bad day. We can all agree that if anything work can be hard, especially when you have to collect cushions while everyone else is out having fun on a beautiful day at the beach.

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum about it, with tears and despair, he decided to remain calm and keep insisting that he gathers all of them in one go. Although he seems to come off stubborn, how stubborn can one be when things just don't seem to play out in your favor.

We can all relate to this man because let’s face it, we all had those horrible mornings when everything goes wrong and your job is not "cooperating". In case of this man, the collecting of the cushions might not be the biggest issue, but actually making them stay stacked on one another is a whole different subject.

We are not sure if he eventually made it, but we bet that you didn’t expect this guy to be so persistent. At the end of the video however he does seem to give up as he continuously keeps dropping one by one and ends up getting to frustrated and drops all of them to the ground.

Sure this guy is having one of those days, but that doesn't mean that we can't all share in a good laugh on their trouble! Can you resist the solution to his hilariously bad hair or will you crack under the pressure? Jerry has one of the best jobs in the world; working at a beach club on the French Riviera. Alas, no job is without it's challenges...

We can't all have a great hair day all the time, so why not celebrate the bad ones as well? Cheers!

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