Kitten Adorably Asks His Sister For Help Getting His Toy

Published April 6, 2017 80,253 Views $157.79 earned

We might be biased when we say this, but having a bigger sister is truly a blessing. Sure, they might “throw us under the bus” for something they did and we will take the blame, but that is just because we love them so much!

They help us stay out of harm’s way, teach us all the good things that mom and dad can’t, because they are already way older and can’t remember some of the stuff, and they can be the best partners in crime in the world!

This goes for every species on the planet, even cats! These two partners in crime will melt your hearts. We see baby brother Orange jumping towards the window, because that’s where his toy is, but no matter how high he tries to jump, he just can’t do it high enough. That’s when big sister Q come to play.

She climbs on the bed and looks towards the window. Orange keeps meowing, looking towards his sister, then towards the window. Q takes a good look at the distance she has to cross, then jumps off the bed and with two adult semi-jumps, she catches the cat toy from the window and gives it to her brother!

Can we say how amazed we are with their communication? Scientists have said that cats down meow to each other, because they have other means of communicating, but this was just astounding!

Go, big sister!

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