Lucky Girl 'Hooks' A Marriage Proposal From The Water

ViralHog Published April 5, 2017 473 Plays $1.65 earned

Rumble This lucky southern belle went with her boyfriend Dylan for some fishing therapy on a lake. She’s the pro out of the two, having been fishing since a very young age. She had probably seen every fish there is to be caught in the States, but her catch of the day was an entirely new species!

As the southern belle reeled in her line, she noticed a crumpled up piece of paper attached to the hook. Casually pulling her rod towards her, she picks up the paper and carefully examins it, revealing a message. As she did, her creative boyfriend quietly drops to one knee and was perfectly placed by the time his girlfriend had finally caught onto what has been cooking literally behind her back!

“Babe!" she says when she read the handwritten note she somehow managed to hook up from the lake, turning around to see her man kneeling down with a <a href="" target="_blank">ring</a> in his hand! Props to this southern gentleman for incorporating one of the world's best past times into the moment what will solidify his lifelong happiness with his wife-to-be.

In the original video, the lucky girl says: "I've been fishing all my life. I grew up around a lake so my family would always take me fishing! I knew Dylan had the ring, but I didn't expect him to have it so soon! I was so surprised whenever I found the note on the end of the pole and turned around to see him on one knee! It was something I'll never forget and very special to me."