Tiny Puppy Stops At Nothing To Get Attention From Blind Dog

Published April 4, 2017 198,532 Views $17.43 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere really is nothing more adorable that a tiny puppy with a massive character and even bigger will. They will literally stop at nothing to get what they desire and all we can do is swoon at the sight and stay close by, in case they want something breakable! But when the object of a puppy’s desire is an older dog, well that is truly a sight to swoon over and capture on video for the hearts of the entire world to melt!

This woman had one such adorable pleasure to witness the moment a new addition to her family got up close and personal with her old dog. The pup is trying so hard to make a new friend; little did tiny teddy know it will be a while. Perseverance is a virtue, after all!

“Recently my grandma was in town, and she's been wanting a puppy for a long time. She finally went and got one! His name is Teddy and he is a Havanese Poodle Mix. In this video, he was only 2 pounds at 10 weeks old.

“As you can see in this video the puppy was extremely excited to meet and play with my dog Coco. She is blind so that is why she seems uninterested in the puppy!

“The puppy was trying so hard to get attention from the dog! I thought it was cute and wanted to upload!” Well, we can’t tell you how grateful we are that she did!

Poor Coco does not know what hit her. That tiny pup is a true friend.


  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    that puppy is so cute maybe if you would have taken the puppy in your hands and sat down and had Coco come and meet him that way it would have been better

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    • nicolexjuliana, 3 years ago

      lol we did that the first time they met.. but the puppy gets too excited when he sees her. he was trying to jump out of our arms to get to her

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  • Juliebeyl, 2 years ago

    Hi what kind of dog is coco? My dog April is the spitting image of coco. Wondering if they are siblings. April is from north shore animal league

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    • nicolexjuliana, 2 years ago

      hey there! Coco is a german chow chow. and that is insane because we adopted coco at north shore as well! What year did you adopt your dog ?

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