Frisky Felines Take Down A Miniature Remote Control Helicopter

6 years ago

Many cat owners have long fostered the simple wisdom that their four-legged friends will always have the most fun with the most low-cost, least exciting bits and pieces around the house: bootlaces, cardboard boxes, wool dryer balls, and so on. But it is difficult to put to rights that notion with a survey of the cat toys on the market today.

The old standbys are still kicking, of course. You'll never have to search too far for a plush mouse in your favorite color. But alongside the classics are a growing array of electronic cat toys. They range from the categorically cheap to the more excessive and before long to the artificially intelligent.

Can innovative electronic toys really offer your cats something that traditional, non-battery-powered options can't? That depends on the needs of you and your cat. Bobo and Nikita for example, are completely fascinated with this remote controlled helicopter and do their best to catch and destroy it. Who will emerge victorious?

The miniature remote control helicopter was more than these frisky felines could stand. The instance they saw it in flight, their predatory instinct was aroused with a big bang, urging one of them to made a flying leap at it during a low-level pass and took down the streamer. One can even detect a kind of satisfied look on the cats face right after the first success at intercepting a totally unfamiliar flying object. These cats were equally interested in crash investigations and in the actual aerial combat. This is the type of video you spend hours re-running, so we strongly advise you to start now.

No animals or humans were harmed during these escapades, but we cannot promise the same for the models.

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