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Rumble Please SHARE Precious' story so that we can find her a forever home! AND, Every SHARE helps bring awareness to bait dogs and dog fighting rings. Please spread the word.

Precious has been adopted to a loving family. We couldn't be happier!

The unbelievable story of Precious started on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. She was found bloodied, her body ripped to shreds. She was being used as a bait dog, a punching bag to fighting dog who learned to be more aggressive. Watch her incredible rescue and subsequent miraculous recovery.

Photos courtesy of: Barbara Caruso

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  • Equinefine, 2 years ago

    And a sad truth, at least for me, is that every dog fighting ring that has been shut down were run by Mexican men. Most could not even speak English! I am not prejudice. I have good friends that are Latino. But when people, of any color or background, bring their customs here, like dog fighting, rooster fighting or even beating their wives and children just because it is done in their country? THAT my friends is where I draw the line! They are not welcome here. Build the wall high so we can limit and vet every single one of them!

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