Monkey Has Mind Blown By Talking Parrot

Published April 4, 2017 149,124 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe can’t stop talking about these interspecies friendships! Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through. But seeing how a little pet monkey tries to impress an exotic bird into befriending him can really be the highlight of your day!

Max the Capuchin Monkey literally drops his jaw as he witnesses Coco the Talking Indian Ringneck Parakeet in this hilarious clip. Coco doesn’t seem to notice the monkey in the background and is rather interested in the old remote control. It looks like he has imprinted on the remote “Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute….Coco cute” he keeps repeating!

Poor Max, he tries to impress this uninterested parrot by waving with his back foot. Or is he trying to blend in as a cockatiel by imitating a crest on his head? It doesn’t seem to work, so he tries to old fashioned method - approach and say hi! Turns out, Coco isn’t ready to make new friends.

Capuchin monkeys may be cute as pets, and they do live considerably long lives in captivity, but considering their way of life in the wild, do you really want to deny them their freedom?


  • BOBCATWELDER, 3 years ago

    Seems it is not going to end well the monkey seems agitated by the parrot

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  • cameikle, 3 years ago

    Yeah, same sentiment, I've seen these monkeys,how freekin fast they are! The parrot thinks he can just fly away NOT!!! This deranged little monkey looks ready to twist his head off! The monkey has to remain chained, and the parrot kept at a distance!

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  • bluedaisy, 2 years ago

    monkey looks like he wants do do away with this bird lol

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  • Giggle, 2 years ago

    What's with the waving back foot? Of the two, the parrot looks friendly, better behaved, and quite frankly, more intelligent.

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  • Zoonotics, 2 years ago

    Monkeys don't belong in people's homes. They belong in the wild.

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  • tabasco97, 2 years ago

    Max the capuchin has no teeth. Whether that is by intent (teeth being pulled on purpose) or due to age, I'm not sure. But that's why the lady isn't freaking out when Max gets too close to the bird. Either way, that poor capuchin has no business being on a chain or with a diaper unless he's a service animal but most likely he would not be so far from the person he's meant to care for.

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  • gypsysoul72, 2 years ago

    Primates belong in the wild, not on a chain. Primates have teeth pulled to "prevent biting" but it still hurts when they do. They also get aggressive once sexually mature. I know from experience and have seen breeders cruelly take babies away from their REAL mothers who in turn grieve the loss. Rant over.

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