4-month-old baby clearly says "Hello"

DoubleBlessingFarm Published April 3, 2017 110,773 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsYou could say that a baby’s first words are a pretty big deal. Hearing your mini me blurt out their first word means that they’ve started their journey toward talking and it’s huge! Usually it’s stuff like “yes”, “no”, “mama” or, the easier variety - “dada”. This little guy’s parents will surely be ecstatic to see how well he is doing, saying words at such a young age! Well done, young man!

But this little fella steals the show when Grandma records him to send a greeting to Mommy. She encourages him to say “Hello, Mom” and he clearly whispers “Hello”. It’s such a genuine moment and it is so amazing to think that babies learn to talk by observing and imitating, even though they haven’t the slightest about what is it they’re trying to do!

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Check out this baby's first words!