Playful West Highland Terrier Does A Cannonball Into Pool

BrianFreemanPublished: April 3, 2017Updated: April 5, 201717,801 views
Published: April 3, 2017Updated: April 5, 2017

Dogs are the sweetest, even though they don’t make much sense from time to time. We know that they have this love-hate relationship with water, but we just don’t know when they’re up for some watery fun, or when we should keep them as far away from it. Either way, they sure have a way of letting us know.

If you’re a dog owner, you might have already experienced this. Have you ever had the wrath of your dog unleashed upon you when you wanted to give them a bath? Do you remember how you got the cold shoulder treatment for weeks to come? Let’s just say… It’s not pretty.

They can be the most easy-going pets out there, but when they get stubborn, it’s the worst. Luckily, it seems that they don’t seem to hate all water surfaces. Apparently shower heads are out, pools and open waters are in.

We have the prime example here with this extremely energetic West Highland White Terrier named Christy. This girl is so fond of the water, we think that she might have been a fish in a previous life. The energetic girl loves her pool time and loves nothing more than to perform a cannonball duo with her owner. She runs up from the far end of the pool patio and jumps in the middle of the pool without a care in the world. If she keeps this up, she might just sign up as a diver for the Olympics. You go, Christy-girl!

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