Off Duty Lifeguard Saves Two Beachgoers While Giving An Interview

Published April 3, 2017 297,037 Plays $775.73 earned

Rumble Kip, a photographer who needed a good interview to help promote a company sponsored beach clean-up for Earth Day, set up an interview with a friend and local lifeguard, Tim Capra. He asked him to bring his family and some boards to make the interview a little more appealing.

Tim and Kip went to South Beach in Vero to shoot an interview about litter on the beach and started walking to their interview spot and picked up trash on their way. The interview started after 7:00 pm after working hours, where there is not a single lifeguard on duty.

In the middle of the interview, Tim began to focus on a specific spot in the currents and paused during his response to the question. Then, he walks off camera and spots the people he saw in the water who were caught in a rip current. Tim then immediately walked down the beach to grab one of his boards, he brought for an interview prop, and began to paddle out to save a young man and his father from drowning. Tim got them on his board and back to shore!

This man is our hero. Nowadays, we rarely see men who are completely dedicated to their job even when they are off duty! The best thing that we like about Tim is that he didn't try to act like a hero, but instead he was so focused on his job that he didn't mind how he will look like on the interview! Faith in humanity is restored!

He casually walked back to his family, dries off, and finishes the interview, like a classic hero. The world needs more people like Tim indeed!


  • Barbie33, 2 years ago

    Awesome, hoped they thanked you

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  • CaptainScott, 2 years ago

    I didn't see anyone, except his wife, thank him for saving their lives. Strange. Thank You Tim!

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