Boy can't say "please" and it's hilarious!

Published April 4, 2017 121,799 Views $300.58 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsKids say the darnedest things sometimes. One thing that it can make for is a priceless moment for everyone around. Take this little guy for example. He just wants to be excused from finishing his dinner, as most kids want to do. The only way he can leave, according to his father, is if he says "may I please be excused?" From that point on, hilarity ensues. The child then goes on to say "may I be excused?" over and over again in the most adorable way possible, forgetting to add the please. How cute!

To have a child is not just a privilege, but a joy as well. If it weren't for them, there wouldn't be any moments like this one to share with each other. To laugh out loud until you have a six pack of abs. For the already endless love for them to grow larger than possible. We live for these moments. Whether it's selective hearing or some failure of communication, this video of a toddler trying to say "please" to be excused from the table will make you smile and laugh out loud!

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Check out this adorable child struggling to say please!