Dog Playing with Cat Who Isn't Having It

Published March 31, 2017 26,409 Views $53.61 earned

Rumble Occurred on December 28, 2014

Info from licensor: "We introduced Lulu, a sheepdog poodle mix to our home that already included two cats, including Big Brown, who is shown here in the video. Big Brown spent a lot of time at first training Lulu to believe that she was the supreme being in the house. Using dog fences like the one in the video, we kept Lulu to certain portions of the house, but we needed the cat door to give the cats access as well. When not separated by a fence, Big Brown eventually trained our crazed puppy to stop moving and drop to the floor with just a look. In fact, Big Brown had Lulu trained faster and better than we ever did. But, Lulu is very tricky and soon discovered that 1) the fence gave her a little protection from the all powerful Big Brown, and that 2) the cat door was something she could monitor and control. This resulted in battles like the one shown in this video."

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