Adorable Prairie Dog Befriends German Shepherd

Published March 31, 2017 20,222 Views

Rumble In Four Worth Texas, nurse Taylor Williams and her husband Brad have two adorable and unusual dogs, Prince the prairie dog and the German shepherd named Banksy. They were first introduced in April 2016. Even though they have huge size difference, the two of them created a bond immediately after they saw each other for the first time in their lives.

"We got Prince on 21 April 2016 and named him Prince after the singer because he passed away on that same day. There is definitely a learning curve with raising a prairie dog. We just assumed it was like having a regular dog - we were wrong. He has so much personality and is so smart. He actually has to go to time out when he is in trouble! We read many, many books and referred to Gena Seaberg, a specialist in prairie dogs." says Prince and Banksy’s owner, Taylor.

This married couple has one more pet, the 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Coco. But this girl stays out of Prince and Banksy’s way as she likes her quiet time, while the others have formed an unbreakable bond and from the moment they met each other, they spend hours playing every day. 6-year-old Banksy is very loving and he is always licking his little brother Prince who is spunky but also very loving towards Banksy. Tiny Prince likes to test his older brother’s patience with his boundless energy so he teases nips on Banksy’s toes and likes to pounce on his face.

As it seems, Prince doesn't really seem to get too annoyed with Banksy. What a lovable unusual friends these two are!

Videographer / director: Taylor Williams
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne