Terrifying Moment Lioness Tries to Attack Screaming Tourists

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Published: March 30, 2017

Safaris can be an awesome experience, being among wild animals and getting to experience the interaction with them in their natural habitat. But many people around the world can't afford to go on an actual African safari, so countries resort to satisfy their demand by building so called safari parks, where wild animals live in enclosures imitating their habitats, while visitors stroll around in protected vehicles.
A most terrifying video, made by a visitor in the Biopark Estrella in Mexico soared the internet in March this year. Shot while on such a safari, the visitors, armed with their cameras, record a buffalo approaching the buggy in the open field. As one of the visitors feeds their animal, the rest of the park visitors scream in terror as a lioness, called Elsa, from the other side crouches for attack and tries to make the jump towards the buggy. Just as the blood freezes in the visitors' veins, Elsa falls in the trench, obviously miscalculating the distance.
The visitor that recorded the incident says: "Me and my family were at Biopark Estrella, on a Sunday morning. As soon as we reached the area where the lion and the lioness of the park were, a buffalo approached the truck, it is worth mentioning that visitors are allowed to feed them. When I turned to look at the lions, the lioness jumped into the abyss. The driver just kept moving and warned the park staff."
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