2020 President Selected from Basement, 2024 President Elected from Jail?!?

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6 months ago

We are on Trump jail watch. Joe Biden apparently won from the basement of his home in 2020. And is it possible that the next president of the United States will get elected from a jail cell in cell block C.
UFOs have to be real.
Judge sets Friday hearing on protective order issue. That will shut Trump down from saying anything about the case.
Ron DeSantis now fires his campaign manager in another shake-up. FL gov tried to revive his dwindling campaign with a change in leadership two weeks until the debate.
Counteroffensives has been incremental… just enough for you to send the next check. And they won’t let you talk about the border.
NYC still receiving 10K illegals per month with 2M allowed into US under Biden despite reduction claims.
We cannot sustain sending Ukraine money, banks being downgraded, US being downgraded, and illegals coming across the border.
Migrants rave about McCarren Park shelter including hot food, snacks and pool.
BREAKING: Sanctuary state MA gov Maura Healey declares a state of emergency over influx of illegals. Gov Healey is not asking Biden’s administration to close the border but pleads to people of Mass to come together and help with the crisis as well as begs for more federal funds to deal with the illegals. This is a total complete democrat failure allowing the border to be open.
Joe Biden is at the Grand Canyon calling it the 9th wonder of the world, Kamala at the electric bus plant says build them so people can get where they need to go, MA governor declaring state of emergency because of influx of illegals, Newsom funded Chinese COVID lab known to Biden’s FDA, reports of the heat index for today and Biden gives an interview at the weather channel, White House cocaine came from someone in the Biden family orbit and Joe knows who but Hunter Biden was not involved source claims.
What do these two have in common? Sharon Cooper, a republican from Marietta, she is not a republican. Terry Cummings Representatives House District 39, South Cobb, democrat. They both are speakers at a National Alliance on Mental Illness for discussions on HB520. HB520 is back on the legislative session for next year. NAMI is a group that says underage children should be allowed to get mutilated.
But the AJC wants to run stories like: Georgia Senate looks to curb cyberbullying in schools. Kemp readies new push for tort legislation in GA.

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