List Of Seven Struggles Every Parent Understands

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Published: March 30, 2017

It is so sad to note that these days, there are a lot of young adults and even teenagers who instantly became parents without even expecting for it. They are not considering the fact that being a parent entails a lot of important responsibilities that must be done, whether you like it or not. This goes to show that being a parent is never easy. Do not even dare to enter into parenthood if you are still not ready financially, mentally, and emotionally. When you became a parent, life is no longer the same with your single life, and you are completely aware of this for sure.

Parenthood simply means that you are not longer thinking about yourself alone. You also have to take care of your babies and your family as a whole. Having a baby in the family might be a blessing, but keep it in your mind that there are also a lot of responsibilities that you should do as a parent. In relation to this, here are the 7 struggles every parent understands that you should know:

1. Being a parent can be gross - Do you still want to be a parent now? Parenthood can be grossy on your part sometimes. This simply means that you need to do some gross things like wiping the poop of your baby and even sucking his or her nose because of colds. Remember, babies cannot breathe when they have colds, so you have no choice but to do it.

2. A baby who spits up is a real danger - For sure, you know for a fact that babies can spit up any moment. This might be a thing that you don't want to happen especially if you are playing with your baby.

3. And so is pee - Yes, you read it right. Babies will pee without noticing you first. Because of this, you need to be very prepared all of the time. Any moment, he or she will pee so you must have like a cloth or a clean rug all the time. If you want to experience it, you have the option to let your baby wear a diaper.

4. Your rules are made to be broken - As a parent, you know for a fact that not all of your rules will be followed by your babies or children. Keep it in your mind that young children are normally stubborn. Hence, there is a higher chance that they will not follow your orders.

5. You are always cleaning up - No matter how mad you are because your babies are scattering some mess inside your house, you have no choice but to clean them up. You are their parent, after all. Babies cannot stand on their own yet, so you have to take responsibility.

6. Being ignored is the norm - Sometimes in your parenthood life, your children or your babies may ignore you. Hence, you need to be prepared enough when this happens.

7. Accidents are likely - And lastly, as a parent, you need to prepare yourself that accidents can happen anytime in your house. When this happens, you have to remain calm and compose in order to response attentively when accidents happens.

Now that you know some of the struggles of parents all over the world, do you still want to be a parent in the future? You do, for sure. Just make sure to be prepared enough to enter into the world of parenthood.

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