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GodlessEngineerPublished: March 30, 201762 views
Published: March 30, 2017

So today we have this video that apparently completely destroys atheism through reason. There is no reason or logic on the other end of this video. They put forth 5 reasons that atheism should be destroyed. They jump from logic, philosophy, to virtual particles. At every turn, they think they completely destroy the atheist argument. There is only one reason why the atheist argument is destroyed, though: it's a strawman argument, to begin with.

At one point, they even have the "atheist" say that he doesn't accept the law of cause and effect. It gets that ridiculous. Oh, and at every point where the Christian "destroys" the atheist his head explodes... I had a lot of fun with that one.

It boils down to one fallacy, begging the question. The author of the source video continuously begs the question about god creating the universe. They assume that there needed to be a conscious agent in order to create the universe. Like water evaporating, the universe doesn't need a creator to actually exist. It can exist due to natural causes.

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