August 9, 2023

11 months ago

In a second communication with Thor Han Eredyon through Elena Danaan on July 8, 2023, Dr. Michael Salla asked questions about a mega project called the Hub; the Earth Alliance being given control of our solar system; China refusing to participate with the Earth Alliance in building a combined space fleet; failing Deep State efforts to manufacture a war between Russia and the US military; Ganymede; differences between how Earth and Pleiadian military forces are trained;

Thor Han explained the construction of the Hub mega-project is taking place in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. The Hub will be used as a center for diplomacy and commerce involving visiting extraterrestrial civilizations and the Earth Alliance. He describes how special materials not found on Earth have been used in the construction of the Hub. The Hub will contain different sections, including one for the general public visiting from Earth and a multinational military-only section comprising personnel from the following nations: USA, Russia, Italy, Australia, Japan, France, and the UK. Noteworthy in their absence is China, which declined to participate and is choosing instead to build its own space fleet outside of the Earth Alliance. Thor Han points out that China continues to work with the Deep State despite the latter’s declining influence. He further asserts that Deep State efforts to manufacture a war between the US and Russia are failing, and long-term cooperation in space is assured.

Thor Han further explained how the Galactic Federation is training Earth Alliance military forces for space combat and how technological, rather than genetic, enhancements are the preferred choice by the Earth military for improving a soldier’s performance in space. He further explained how Pleiadian warriors are trained, and the differences with Earth soldiers in terms of using consciousness to interact with the consciousness of spacecraft. Thor Han also explained that 20 and back programs are coming to an end as the Earth Alliance incorporates Solar Warden and makes public the truth about secret space programs. He further explained what is happening on Earth’s moon and what the Seeder ships are doing in Earth orbit. Finally, Thor Han answer questions about how extraterrestrial disclosure was planned by the end of 2023, but has been delayed to 2024.

Interview Transcript is available here:

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