Barbro Paulsen and Susanne Heart

4 months ago

Barbro Paulsen: Norwegian lawyer and activist.

She worked with others to produce the Nordic Covid Declaration ( She has also spoken at demonstrations and on Good Morning Norway.

Barbro's Twitter:

Susanne Heart: Norwegian politician and founder of Folkestyret (a new democratic people's movement).

Susanne's substack:

Thomas Loken, Norwegian nurse: "We have recently had a rather peculiar case in Norway: a mathematician who was using his skills to drill the numbers on Covid, lockdowns, vaccine injuries/death and excess mortality was detained for psychiatric evaluation against his will based on an anonymous tip. He was held for nine days, allegedly because some anonymous entity was worried about his mental health due to his posts on social media. At the hearing (in Norway, hearings are conducted after nine days detention if a person is forcibly admitted to a psychiatric unit), the doctors had not read his posts and thus had no grounds to detain him any longer, although according to his lawyer and supporting friends they tried to keep him there. So, he is now "free" again."

Barbro Paulsen (the mathematician's lawyer) and Susanne Heart (an interested politician) will tell this recent shameful story of Covid tyranny Norwegian style and discuss the implications.

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