An American Requiem - Part 2

10 months ago

AN AMERICAN REQUIEM is a secular mass in four parts comprising 12 movements.

Part Two consists of:

CREDO - Orwell was right!

LACRYMOSA 2 - CIA Torture and Rendition Program

SANCTUS - Amusing ourselves to death

Music and lyrics by Roger Rudenstein, the CIA, and George Orwell

Eric Christopher Perry, tenor
Liz Lang, soprano
Will Prapestis, baritone
Elizabeth Van Os, soprano

Composers Choir conducted by Daniel Shaw
NOR Orchestra conducted by the composer

Recorded at Firehouse12 Studio in New Haven and Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT

Post Production Audio Roger Rudenstein under the supervision of Gary Gray

Videography by Roger Rudenstein and Hnm_Graphics

Requiem Cover Art (featuring golden calf) by Mike Alewitz

Roger Rudenstein's music web site:

Nightmare of Reason Podcast: featuring "The CIA and Classical Music"

Copyright 2019-2023 by R. Rudenstein all rights reserved

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