Video Series #3 of 4: Dr. Douglas Frank - Election Integrity Event - June 27, 2023 - Missouri City, TX

10 months ago

Dr. Douglas Frank follows presentations by Clint Curtis and Dr. Walter Daugherity.
He showcases data from public and voter records research that shows obvious manipulation in counties all across the United States.
Dr. Franks uncovers massive manipulation of the voter registration records that are inflated beyond normal just before an election, the elections are held, and then the voter rolls are reduced.

Dr. Frank points out that this is just part of the Cheat because the fictitious voter names are used to stuff ballots. These are introduced through the mail, ballot boxes, or even delivery trucks that back up to the door in the middle of the night to cover and support the numbers changed in the computers.

Dr. Frank tells Election Integrity teams not to waste time and energy cleaning voter rolls because too many NGO's have back door access to these systems and can change registration data instantly.


Testimonies of those who changed from Democrat to the Republican Party, including evidence of Voter Fraud using Electronic Voting Machines and why they need to be replaced with Hand Marked Hand Counted Paper Ballots for all elections.
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