Kemp Touting New Law To Remove DAs That Aren’t Doing Job - Fani Willis???

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6 months ago

You continue to hear that there are some DAs that are pushing back and suing the state on the new law that the state can remove the DAs for not enforcing the law. But he won’t say a word about Fani Willis and the fraudulent charges she is bringing up against David Shafer, Cathy Lathem, Shawn Stills, and President Trump.
Kemp faces new crossroads with old adversaries as Trump legal problems grow.
If Donald Trump is the nominee for President of the United States and on the ballot in GA. Kemp will pretend that there will be an endorsement, but you will have to judge the money spent. How many Trump rallies he attends and how many times he says he supports Trump. Kemp will have a balancing act if Trump is on the ticket.

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