Dog Patiently Waits For Beloved Toy To Be Repaired

Published March 28, 2017 1,015,709 Views $295.43 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey say patience is a virtue. What is yours will come and that goes for everything - food, toys, karma...No need to fuss over something that is taking it’s sweet time to arrive; just sit down, relax and “let nature take it’s course”.

So, let’s say you are a puppy that has a favorite toy. You love that fluffy thing so much, you play with it day in and day out. You tug it with your teeth, toss it every which way, take it everywhere with you, until, one day...they toy breaks.

What do you do? Do you cry over your broken toy? Do you break down in tears and demand a new one? Or do you let your human companion take care of it for you, because it is your favorite and you just want it back in the game? Because that is what Abby the black Labrador did and she did it with admiration!

As her owner sits on the table, sewing the entrails of that doll back in, Abby sits patiently for her baby to come back to her. Her face says she’s sorry that it broke, but she would really like it back some time soon. So when her owner says that is it done and ready to play again, Abby’s tail starts wagging and all we can think about is “that’s a good girl”!

She won’t even snatch it from the table; Abby is so patient, she waits for her owner to hand her the toy! Such a clever girl!