Jack Russell Diving Dog Jumps From Rocks With Her Owner

Published March 28, 2017 14,445 Views

Rumble Diving is a sports activity which allows you to swim underwater and to explore the environment. Carmelo Abela, a 49-year-old diver loves diving with his Jack Russell Terrier. Titti’s incredible talent and human-like act attracted fans on social media.

This diving dog scores a perfect "10" as she launches herself off a clifftop into the clear blue waters of St Peter's Pool in Malta. This Jack Russell Terrier, named Titti, can even perform a synchronized dive with her loving owner, 49-year-old Carmelo Abela.

Titti, attracted fans to flock to Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in south east Malta, after footage of the duo's jump was shared online.

This brave dog manages to jump like humans do. When she launches herself at the clifftop into the clear blue waters of St Peter’s Pool in Malta, he makes the highest score, after which he patiently waits for his owner at the cliff.

Carmelo insists that Titti only jumps with him. He says: “She trusts me and whatever I do, she does it. When I tell her to jump, she jumps.” She was hesitant to begin with, but now shows no fear as she takes the jump off the cliff edge into the water below.”

“The bond we built together, me and her, it's incredible.” Titti was around four months old when she started jumping from much smaller heights and now Carmelo reveals that the canine star often can't contain her excitement when they arrive at the beach together.

Videographer / Director: Mark Cassar
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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