Censoring Disability Data with Ed Dowd | 4th Branch Ep. 20

9 months ago

Prepare yourself for a thought-provoking discussion with data analyst extraordinaire, Ed Dowd. We'll uncover some unsettling data trends from the UK and US that are being swept under the rug. From the rise of what's being termed the 'injured' to an alarming surge in US work absences and an influx in disability cases. Ed highlights the potential calamity linked to the vaccine rollout, emphasizing an increase of 857,000 disabled individuals in merely a month.

We'll also draw parallels between the 1976 swine flu and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, scrutinizing the questionable narratives peddled by the government and mainstream media. We also cast a critical eye over the state of the NHS and the UK hospital system amidst this health crisis, and contemplate the growing notion of a 'vaccine event horizon'. Our guest will also discuss his riveting book, 'Cause Unknown', which emphasizes the perils of over-vaccination and the distressing uptick in sudden athletic deaths since 2021.

Intriguingly, we'll delve into the concerning implications of private equity firms making investments in death care industries. Ed will guide us through the rocky terrain of the stock market and provide insight into how best to navigate these confusing times. With so many lives at stake and potential economic turmoil on the horizon, this is a conversation you can't afford to miss. Be prepared to confront the truth and step into the realm of the unknown in this enlightening episode.

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