Kitten's First Vet Visit

Published March 27, 2017 795,840 Plays

Rumble Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - Marmalade's first trip to the vet when he was a kitten… he loved exploring the new space but as you could see wasn't a fan of the vaccinations! … Such a BIG meow from such a tiny kitten! This was literally the day after Marm came into our lives, he had fleas and came from a family who didn't want him… He had two siblings that died during birth and they also lived by feral cats, it wasn't until later that we found out his mom was often let outside to roam free which is almost certainly why Marm is FIV+… Since we rescued Marm his mom has thankfully been spayed!

There are more cats than dogs in the U.S. but vet visits for cats are statistically down and it’s a major concern! It's very important to schedule regular check-ups at the vet for your kitties, cats are so good at hiding signs of illness, early detection of any symptoms is invaluable to their health and well being… (and yours!)

10 Tips For EASIER Vet Visits - by Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101:




  • Bobbbbb, 3 years ago

    Adorable kitty, but the music is too loud, and distracting.

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  • proudmother, 3 years ago

    Marmalade is so cute in this video, and now of course he's all grown up into a very handsome boy, him and his brother Cole are the two coolest cats on the net, I just love em <3

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