Feeding time for baby goats is a cuteness overload!

MatthewPublished: March 27, 20176,339 viewsVirality: 4%
Published: March 27, 2017

After his wife's friend commented that it took nearly an hour to feed all her baby goats by hand, this guy decided to build a feeder for them. Looks like they're really enjoying it!

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      missvirgule · 34 weeks ago

      Yes, it's adorable, THEY are adorable... BUT WHY don't they do that TO THEIR MOM, like Mother Nature WANTS it ???

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        Matthew · 33 weeks ago

        Sometimes a mother goat has more babies than they can feed and if that's the case then the mother will reject a baby and refuse to feed them. That's when a feeder like this really comes in handy! :)

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          missvirgule · 33 weeks ago

          Ooh, I didn't think about that 🙂. So, thanks for them and the charming show 💜