Where Does Kemp Want The Grassroots To Send The Money?

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6 months ago

BKP’s opinion: Brian Kemp has never shown his appreciation for 2 endorsements from Donald Trump. Kemp will brag about his recent win against Stacy Abrams. When the election happened he turned his back on Trump. There isn’t a day that he wakes up that Kemp likes Trump. The republican ruling class loves Kemp for being the great Trump slayer.
In the state of GA we passed a law to go after rogue prosecutors. For DAs that don’t enforce the law.
The US was just downgraded in credit rating. Kemp will brag about the AAA credit rating that isn’t possible without the printing of money by the US government. Green light for more state spending is not republican. Kemp says nothing about Fani Willis or the election. He will not allow a soundbite to go against the Fani Willis case.
Kemp wants the grassroots to work like you haven’t worked before and wants you to give money. Where does Kemp want the grassroots to send the money?

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