A Year's Worth Of Security Footage Captures Dangerous Driving In Chilliwack, British Columbia

jnrgreenscapesPublished: March 26, 2017Updated: March 27, 2017593,746 views
Published: March 26, 2017Updated: March 27, 2017

This is crazy. Some people really take advantage of the fact that some places are rarely visited by the police. This security camera footage captures an insane intersection in Chilliwack, British Columbia, where we see some pretty ridiculous and reckless driving. Its safe to assume many of them didn't know there was a camera watching them. This is ridiculous. As we watch the video, it is shocking to see how many people are irresponsible on the road. How did these people even get their license? Some of these drivers are insane and have no patience. Calm down!

It is already bad enough when you pull off inappropriate driving stunts when no one is around you, but doing it around other cars and people, how could you risk losing your life, or even causing the death of someone else's life. These cars need to be more patient and let pedestrians cross. One truck almost ran over people crossing the street! Always look before you start driving! Another driver even drove backwards into an intersection, at that point, you're basically asking for something to happen, so sad.

Check out this video compilation of security footage that captures "questionable" driving.

Has you seen anyone show questionable driving on the street? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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